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Enhance your meeting rooms with Discorp’s AV & VC Solutions

During the summer holidays, companies often experience a quieter period. However, the upcoming busy quarter is rapidly approaching. This is an opportune moment to use your time efficiently by getting your meeting rooms in order. Discover how our expertise can transform your meeting rooms into spaces where creativity, inspiration and collaboration thrive.

Our AV & VC Solutions

If your meeting room is in need of renovation, Discorp is your perfect partner! Our team of experts carefully analyzes your requirements and recommends customized solutions to meet your unique needs. Additionally, we can always demonstrate our products and solutions in our own Experience Center.   

The benefits of a well-designed meeting room

A good meeting room will significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of your employees. Below are some key benefits:

1) Improvement of meeting quality
A well-appointed meeting room features a perfect balance between its functionality and aesthetics. For this, it is first and foremost important that the room is equipped with the latest audio and video technology. Investing in modern equipment will significantly improve the quality of your meetings. Crystal-clear audio ensures seamless communication, while high-definition video enhances visual engagement. With Discorp’s help, your meeting room becomes a hub for immersive and effective collaboration.

2) Enhanced collaboration
A conducive meeting space equipped with appropriate technology fosters collaboration by providing the tools and environment needed for fruitful discussions. For example, by utilizing interactive screens, digital whiteboards and wireless presentation systems, teams can easily share ideas, annotate documents, and collaborate in realtime. Even remote participants can effortlessly engage in meetings, enabling work to be accomplished from any location!

3) Increased productivity
In addition to improved technology, design also has a profound impact on employee productivity. Aesthetics play an important role in creating a comfortable and inspiring space. By integrating ergonomic furniture, thoughtful lighting and attractive design, your meeting space can become a place where creativity flourishes, leading to improved decision-making and increased productivity.

4) Streamlining meetings
A room booking device for meeting rooms offers several benefits to organizations. It streamlines the booking process, optimizes space utilization and saves time, increasing overall productivity. With fewer interruptions and better communication, employees can collaborate effectively. It is environmentally friendly, cost-effective and adds a touch of professionalism, making it a valuable tool for modern workplaces.

Here are some examples of efficient meeting rooms:


Our focus was on establishing a standardized work environment that fosters creativity, offering contemporary and adaptable choices to both employees and customers.

Bouwbedrijf Verelst

Bouwbedrijf Verelst, sought innovative solutions aligned with the emerging hybrid work model, which gained significance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our assistance in implementing video solutions played a crucial role in addressing their needs.

Spend your time well during silly season

Make the most out of this downtime during the summer holidays! Discorp’s expertise in AV and VC solutions ensures that your meeting rooms are equipped with high-end technology, facilitating efficient communication and collaboration. By creating an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, you’ll empower your employees to perform at their best. Thus, use this cucumber time wisely, and prepare your meeting rooms for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Discorp is here to help you every step of the way!  

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