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The importance of data privacy

Today, companies and organizations collect your personal information. Now that people are also working in different places such as shared workplaces, working from home and on the road, it is more important than ever to create awareness around data privacy. But is your data safe? Find out in this blog what you can do to protect your data! 

Data Privacy Week

Companies are gathering personal information to provide better service on their website. However, this data is sometimes misused. For this reason, Data Privacy Week was introduced, a global initiative that takes place during the last week of January to create awareness about digital data privacy. 

What is Data Privacy?

Data privacy means that you can control the extent to which your personal info (such as name, contact information, etc.) is shared or passed on to others, as well as how and when. 

No idea how to protect your personal information? Then be sure to check out the tips below.

5 tips to protect your data:

1. Change your passwords
You can easily and quickly protect your data by changing all your passwords from time to time. Create a strong password by using more characters, as well as large letters, numbers, and special characters. Moreover, put a code on every device to avoid direct access to your personal data.

2. Read privacy policies
Read the privacy policies before sharing your personal information with a website. This will help you understand how companies will use your data and for what purposes.


3. Use software
Put antivirus software on your devices and update it regularly to address any security issues.

4. Be careful when opening links, attachments, …
Another simple way to protect your personal data is to be careful when opening links, documents, email attachments, and so on. This will prevent your device from getting infected with malware.


5. Maximize your privacy with two-factor authentication
Use two-factor authentication for extra security on your accounts.

These tips can certainly help you better protect your data, but technology can improve it even more. Keep your data private with the products below! 

Privacy filters

As employees increasingly work from home, at shared workspaces, etc., their devices are also more exposed to more people, which is not without risk. Protect your data from visual hackers with Kensington’s privacy filters from Kensington or Targus. Some benefits of the filters: 

  • Easy to attach. 
  • Narrows the view by about 30 degrees.
  • Protects multiple screens through a wide range of screens.

Laptop locks, Security Slots

In addition, we have security locks that protect both your devices and data from theft. The locks lower this risk by keeping devices in place. These security solutions are also strong, easy to use and compatible with 99% of laptops, projectors, printers, and monitors with security lock slots.

Biometric Fingerprint Keys

The biometric fingerprint keys take your data security to the next level. Kensington’s keys offer a high level of security by requiring your fingerprint, which is unique and difficult to forge. It also allows users to log in or authenticate in an easier and faster way. They are one of the most secure options as second factor authentication!