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Create a better posture with an Ergonomically designed backpack

Carrying your work necessities to and from the office can be a pain, literally. Excess weight in a backpack can cause discomfort, but with new ergonomic designs, you can finally carry all your gear comfortably.

Proper weight distribution when carrying a backpack eliminates shoulder strain and back pain: “When a backpack is incorrectly worn on the shoulders, the force can actually pull the body backward forcing an unnatural and uncomfortable spinal position” (Neel Anand, M.D.). Other health concerns arise with traditional backpack designs like posture distortion and tense muscles caused by improper weight distribution. In fact, bad posture has several adverse effects including shoulder and spine strain. To stay pain-free and make sure that your backpack doesn’t feel too heavy get one that is designed ergonomically.

Discorp chooses to distribute Targus because Targus is the leading ergonomic and ecological bag manufacturer.

Targus’ product designers focus on providing users with top-notch quality, ergonomic design, and intuitive features that help make everyday life as seamless as possible. During a recent study on ergonomic backpack design volunteers of various heights tried on multiple backpacks while being observed by an ergonomic expert. Although each backpack weighed the same the expert observed how slight differences in the design affected the comfort level of each user. This study and others like it help us understeer the effects of shoulder straps and other design features on comfort.

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(Ergonomic Design in Your Favorite Backpacks, 2019)