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Virtual Collaboration – what fits your workspace?

Virtual collaboration. What fits your Workspace?

There is a big advantage when businesses adopt Virtual Collaboration.

We prove you the advantage by comparing a typical business to a business with pervasive video users.

Better business enablement drives revenue

Integrating Virtual Collaboration accelerates dicision making 100%. The typiscal business keeps this percentage at 58%.

Effective work maximizes efficiency

A typical business improves 53% of customer service. A business with pervasive video users lifts it up to customer service of 75%.

Video conferencing supports the new workplace

Adding Virtual Collaboration improves the business competitiveness from 36% to 50%.

Copyright: Logitech


Rich audio, video and content collaboration is moving beyond the four walls of a conference room down to desktops, huddle rooms and open workspaces.
– Frost & Sullivan


The Logitech personal collaboration desktop solution can turn a desktop into an instant collaboration space. The tools you need are…


  • A plug-and-play USB HD webcam,
  • A USB headset or a mobile handsfree speakerphone,
  • A (wireless) keyboard and a (wireless) mouse.


If you have these tools, face-to-face desktop collaboration is easy.

Top 10 tips to look your best on video


1.Highlight the most important subject: YOU.
Position the light in front of you so you are well-lit and center of attention.

2. Avoid brightly lit backgrounds.
In this situation, cameras usually adjust to dim the entire image  –  making you look like a dark silhouette.

3. Place your camera at eye level.
This is much more flattering than the notorious ‘up-the-nose’ shot from below.

4. Check your surroundings.
Messy backgrounds or busy settings can be distracting and appear unprofessional .

5. Wear bold solid colors.
Stripes, large patterns and prints can be distracting to clients and colleagues.

6. Make sure you have a strong, stable internet connection.
This will help avoid streaming delays so you don’t become a ‘frozen face’ on your next call.

7. Close unnecessary programs.
These consume resources needed to deliver a clear picture and could compromise privacy.

8. Check your audio.
While this may not affect your visual appearance, poor audio is unprofessional and can impact perception and productivity.

9. Do a test-run.
Ensure the background and lightning are up to snuff, and double check the camera is focussed on you!

10. Invest in an external HD webcam.
Whether ou’re on your laptop or desktop, at home or the office, using an external HD webcam will help you improve video clarity, lighting, and speed so you always look your best.

Resource: Logitech, Top 10 tips to look your best on video


“People join video conferences from huddle rooms 40% of the time,
more often than from any other location.”
– Wainhouse Research survey data

80% of the meetings are today held between 1-4 people

Source: Rapal Study, 2018

Small meeting rooms or huddle rooms have unique requirements for success, including wide angle lens with pan and tilt to ensure everyone in the room is seen, and built-in audio to save space.

Here is what you need to make meetings possible from your huddle room:

    • An all-in-one ConferenceCam with 120° diagonal field of view,
      4K optices and integrated audio,
    • Expansion Mic for ConferenceCam if neccessairy,
    • A display.

33% of workers said video conferencing technology reduces their business travel, the report found, allowing them to easily conduct meetings without making expensive, time-consuming trips.

Resource by Macy Bayern, TechRepublic

You need a video conferencing system for your medium or large meeting room because it adapts to your space. In these meeting rooms, critical decisions and global reputations are made, important presentations are executed.


Discorp can offer you the perfect Logitech sollution that can be configured to accommodate the shape and the layout of your meeting room. Therefore we can assure everybody in the room will be seen during the video call.

Choose meeting room solutions that offer:
One click to join

To pick in on the simplicity, we want to include the Logitech Tap.
The Logitech Tap is a touch controller that is suitable for every room and also covers agenda integration.
It makes video conferencing easy to install, manage and use. Just one touch to join a meeting and share content.

This device is compatible with Google Hangouts Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms.

As a Logitech One Reseller, we have the right knowledge to assist you in integrating Virtual Collaboration into your workspace. With the right set-up and choice of materials,  we can optimize your workspace.

We advise you to contact our sales and let them support you in your choice.

You can always reach them by mailing to

Learn how we can advise you in optimizing your modern workplace every step of the way.

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