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Poly Voyager Focus 2

New Poly Voyager Focus 2

The new Poly stereo Bluetooth headset

We couldn’t build a wall around you to block out background noise, so Poly did the next best thing: created a “focus zone” with the new Voyager Focus 2 headset. All you hear is your call with three levels of hybrid active noise cancelling (ANC) and all they hear is you with Poly’s pro-grade microphones using Poly Acoustic Fence technology.


  • Stay comfortable during a full day of calls wearing an ultra-comfortable headband with sling and plush ear cushions
  • Enjoy the simplicity of an easy-to-use headset with smart sensors for answering calls, pausing music and instantly muting calls
  • Give those around you a visual cue that you’re busy- an online ear cup indicator flashes when you’re on a call
  • It just works- the smart microphone boom automatically maintains left and right audio no matter which side the headset is worn.

Comfort and reliability


Advanced digital hybrid ANC

Advantages of Hybrid ANC

  • Reduces wider range of frequencies
  • Sidetone is more natural and comfortable
  • Less fatiguing especially on long conference calls
  • User-selectable ANC level depending on surroundings

Multiple connectivity options

Voyager Focus 2 UC

  • Standard/Microsoft Teams

Voyager Focus 2 UC + Charge stand

  • Standard/Microsoft Teams

Voyager Focus 2 Office

  • USB-A
  • Standard/Microsoft Teams

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